Chocolate Lovers Basket

A Chocolate Lovers will have chocoholics salivating with delight. There are people in this world that can’t live without chocolate. The scientific name for chocolate is theobroma cacao, which literally translated means “food of the gods”.

Even the Aztecs new the beneficial effects of chocolate, and used it to treat many maladies, such as depression. Good news, research has shown chocolate is actually good for you, as it contains antioxidants.

Chocolate also contains the vitamins A, B1, E, C, D, as well as iron, potassium, fluoride, and sodium. It’s a top listed comfort food, with Americans eating an average of 12 pounds of chocolate a year.
Some of the items that may be included in this basket include:

• Milk chocolate• Dark chocolate• Chocolate covered raisons• White chocolate• Chocolates with nuts• Chocolate covered caramels• Truffles• Chocolate covered espresso beans• Chocolates with creamy centers• Cloth napkins• Chocolate fudge• Book about chocolate• Chocolate mints• Chocolate syrup• Chocolate roses• And, don’t forget the kisses…

Fillers for Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket:
Once you have obtained your gift basket items, here are some fillers that you can put into the basket:
• Piece of fabric

• Shredded paper, newspaper, or colored paper

• Straw

• Easter basket grass

• Tissue paper or newspaper comics

• Raffia

• Colored towels or cloth napkins

• Cedar shavings
Other Gift Basket Themes