Fund Raising Ideas For School

Welcome to the world of fund raising ideas for school groups.

This website is a resource that provides school fund raising ideas that will assist your school group in reaching your fundraising goals. Since 1985, my company has been helping schools and nonprofits all over the Southeast in raising funds.

Fundraising is a lot of work. Committees must be formed, volunteers enlisted, and projects decided upon. This site lists some of the best fund raising projects and ideas I have encountered over the last 20 years of working with thousands of organizations.

These activities range from selling products to hosting events and carnivals.

Many PTA's are moving away from product sales, such as wrapping paper, candy, popcorn, etc...

It's just too much work, and parents are tired of buying useless stuff they'll either never use or end up throwing away.
One of the most popular (and fun) fund raising activities for schools is a carnival. In fact, about 50% of elementary schools have carnivals each year.

For more information on school carnivals, please consult our:

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