Kiss the Pig Contest

A Kiss the Pig Contest is also one of the best publicity vehicles I have ever seen. One of our customers, an elementary school implemented this contest and the local newspaper and cable channel both showed up to do stories about the contest. The students were talking about the contest more than four weeks before the carnival took place. The vote was close, and there was a tie twenty minutes before the contest was to end. In the end, the principal “won”. By the way, the pig didn’t seem to want to kiss the principal.

Here’s how it works:

Three or four popular individuals, such as a principal, gym teacher, art instructor, or coach are chosen to be in the contest. You must secure their agreement to participate in the contest. The “winner” will have to kiss the pig.

The Kiss the Pig Contest is a fund raiser, and each vote costs twenty five cents. The contest starts four weeks before the carnival.

Someone has to locate a baby pig or miniature pig. Don’t even consider using a full-sized pig. Also pick a pig that will not be turned into bacon. The students will ask what will happen to the pig after the contest. It’s best to locate one that is a pet, or through a local petting zoo.

Each day the votes are counted and announced during the morning announcements.

A chart is placed in the lobby, representing the vote count. The students will see this chart each morning as they enter the building. This chart is updated daily. A picture of the pig should be placed next to the chart.

Make sure all the contestants are present during the carnival. You can even have them make a speech, giving their reasons why the other candidates should win and kiss the pig.

The final votes are counted near the end of the carnival. Attendees at the carnival will stay to the end to see who won, and to see them kiss the pig.

For more information on school carnivals, please consult our: School Carnival Guide

Here are some simple contest rules:

• Students may vote as many times as they wish.

• Each vote costs twenty five cents.

• Teachers may vote only once.

• The highest number of votes determines the winner.

• The vote gets counted at the end of the carnival, with the winner being announced.

• The “winner” then gets to kiss the pig.

• The pig returns safely home.

Good Luck with your Kiss the Pig Contest

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