School Carnival Games

School Carnival Games – Since 1985 Funtastic Events Inc has been the leader in carnival game rental in the Atlanta metro area and all of north Georgia. We are now able to deliver within 100 miles of Winder, Georgia (Zip code 30680).

Batman Car Game

** Player has two chances to roll a Batman car down the ramp into Gotham City Hall where Penguin is looking through a window. One completed attempt wins.

Bongo Ball ***Player chooses a color and then throws a 14-sided ball. If color on ball is color chosen, player wins.

Bugs in Pizza

*** Player receives three chances to knock over a bug in a pizza.The player; wins when one bug tips over.

Can Knocker

*** Player throws two balls at six cans, stacked in a pyramid shape. All cans knocked off the stand wins.

Cane Toss

*** Player throws three rings, attempting to ring a cane. One ring on a cane wins.

Carnival Wheel

**** Player picks a number and the carnival wheel is spun. If the number chosen is the same on the wheel that player wins.

Clobber the Clown

** Player throws three balls to knock down colorful clowns. Bell rings as each clown is toppled. 3 out of 3 wins.

Clown Toss

* Player throws three beanbags at clown. Two out of three wins.

Cover the Spot ****Player receives numerous discs to try to cover the spot. If the spot is completely covered the play wins.

Dino Dart Throw

*** Player throws suction darts at dinosaurs with stars in their centers. If the dart hits a target the player wins.

Dino Putt

** Player has three attempts to hit a golf ball under a dinosaur and into a hole. One ball in the hole is a winner.

Dino Soar **Player hits a lever with a mallet, thereby forcing a stuffed dino into the air. The player wins if dino land in receptacle.

Dip the Dino *Player throws three balls to knock down dinos. 3 out of 3 wins.

Duck Pond *Player picks up a floating duck from the basin. If the duck is marked with a star the player wins.

Field Goal

** Player has three attempts to throw a foam football into target.

Fishin Pond

* Player lifts a fishing rod over the pond. Every player wins.

Flippin Frog

** Player hits a device with a mallet, thereby forcing a stuffed frog into the air. The player wins if frog lands in receptacle.

Goblet Toss ***Player throws three ping-pong balls at goblets. One in red goblet wins.

Hoopla Toss

*** Player receives three rings and tries to throw the hoops around stuffed animals on blocks. One hooped animal wins.

Huckle Buck ***This game features six cans in a triangular box. Player throws three balls and if one of the balls lands in a can, a winner is declared.

Jurassic Ring Toss

** Player throws three rings attempting to ring a dinosaur. One ringed dino wins.

Knock A Block ***Player knocks three blocks off a pedestal with a ball attached by a chain. All three blocks must show matching colors on top to be declared a winner.

Lollipop Tree

* Player chooses a lollipop on a tree. If it is marked player wins prize. If it is not marked the lollipop is kept as consolation prize.

Match em

** Player rolls three golf balls attempting to roll them into slots of identical color. Player wins if all three colors match.

Milk Can Toss **Player receives three wiffle softballs to throw into milk can. One ball in wins a prize.

Mini Putt-Putt **Player has two attempts to hit golf ball into hole. One ball into hole is a winner.

Nasty Food Dart Throw ***Player throws three suction darts at pictures of mean fruits and veggies with star targets. One dart on target wins.

Noodle Throw **Player throws three Styrofoam noodles, javelin style, at a target. A winner is declared if one of the noodles lands in the target.

Pool Shoot ***Player hits cue ball at eight ball with coin placed on it. Player wins if coin is knocked out of circle.

Pumpkin Dart Throw ***Player throws three suction darts at pictures of pumpkins with stars in their centers. Dart hitting target wins.

Push 'em

*** Player pushes three chips, one at a time, down an alley to land in the target. One chip in target wins.

Reindeer Ring Toss **Player throws three rings attempting to ring an antler. One ring on antler wins.

Rope the Bull

** Player has three attempts to toss a ring made of rope at bull hoping to ring one of the bull’s horns. One around one of the horns wins a prize.

Scarecrow Ring Toss **Player is given three rings to toss at scarecrow target. One ring on target is a winner.


*** Player tosses two balls into game box. Player is declared a winner if both balls add up to “7” or “11”.

Shuffle Bowling

*** Player receives two hockey pucks to knock over bowling pins. Player wins if all pins are knocked over.

Spill the Milk **Player throws two balls and tries to knock over three milk bottles.

Stand Up

**** Player must make a wooden bottle stand up using a ring, string and pole. If the bottle falls off block the player loses.

Strike Out ***Player throws balls at target attempting to get a strike.

Table Soccer

*** Player has three attempts to kick the miniature soccer ball into the goal. This action is similar to foosball. One ball in goal is a winner.

Tic Tac Toe

*** Player throws three balls trying to get three across or diagonally.

Tip the Crow

* Player throws three balls to knock down birds hinged on shelf. Three out of three wins.

Topple the Snowman *Player throws three balls to knock down snowmen on a wall. Three out of three wins.

Treasure Chest

* Player selects a key. If it opens the lock on the chest player receives prize inside.

Troll Dart Throw ***Player throws three suction darts at trolls with stars in their centers. The player wins if a dart hits the target.

Tin Pan Alley ***Player rolls three balls into Tin Pan Alley. If one ball lands on red area player wins.

* No skill required

** Some skill required

*** Challenging

**** Difficult

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