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Welcome to the world of school fund raising! My first introduction to school fund raising projects (over 30 years ago), was as a member of a school band, a Drum and Bugle Corps. Since the band was self-funded, we had to do a variety of school fund raising projects to pay our operating and travel expenses. Our fund raising activities included selling candy, magazine subscriptions, car washes, soliciting donations, and marching in parades (yes, even in the rain).

As our group fund raising skills improved, we were able to purchase new uniforms and equipment, and upgrade from school buses to charter buses for traveling. While we did win our state and regional championships, we were never able to afford to go to the nationals.

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This website is a resource that provides school fund raising ideas that will assist your school group in reaching your fundraising goals. Since 1985, my company has been helping schools and nonprofits all over the Southeast in raising funds. The money raised has helped in building playgrounds, improving drug education and environmental awareness programs, upgrading media centers, music and art programs and many other good causes.

Fundraising is a lot of work. Committees must be formed, volunteers enlisted, and projects decided upon. This site lists some of the best fund raising projects and ideas I have encountered over the last 20 years of working with thousands of organizations. These activities range from selling products to hosting events and carnivals. No matter what, it should be fun. Let’s keep the fun in fund raising!

Getting Started....

In the beginning, it may seem a daunting task to pick the ideal fund raiser for your school group. School fund raising projects include dinners, special events, carnivals, to a wide range of things to sell. When choosing a fund raising project it’s important to identify an activity that is fun, will enjoy active participation, and can help you reach your targeted goal.

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